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Government (Nature Of) and Civics Course for High School Students

Government (Nature Of) and Civics Course for High School Students

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America's Founders were most concerned with establishing a government that ensured the greatest economic prosperity and the greatest liberty for individuals. The structure of government that they created was designed to curb the ever-encroaching nature and growth of government, which the Founders believed was the basic nature of all governments. Most civics/government books do an adequate job of explaining the structure of America's government. However, what is often lacking is the "nature" of government - which was of major concern to America's Founders. The following books provide the side of the story (the nature of government) that is most often missing from government/civics textbooks.

These books are best suited for most students ages 14 and up.

The "Government (Nature Of) and Civics Course for High School Students" package includes one each of the following titles:

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?
Bluestocking Guide: Economics
These two titles explain the economic model that Mr. Maybury has found most reliable for restricting government.

Whatever Happened to Justice?
Bluestocking Guide: Justice
These two titles explain the legal model that Mr. Maybury has found most reliable for restricting government.

Are You a Liberal? Conservative? or Confused?
Bluestocking Guide: Political Philosophies
These two titles explain which political philosophies are most consistent with free markets and higher law principles, and what plans the promoters of the various political philosophies have for your money and your liberties.

Ancient Rome: How it Affects You Today
Bluestocking Guide: Ancient Rome
These two titles provide an example of what happens when a society abandons free markets and higher law principles and replaces these with fascism.

Capitalism for Kids
This title is included due to the chapter titled "Capitalism and Other Isms."

Jonathan Mayhew's Sermon (PDF only)
Mayhew was pastor of West Church in Boston in 1750. Mayhew's sermon points out that there is a Higher Law than any government's law. His sermon encouraged his listeners to choose between Higher Law and their government's law, when one was in conflict with the other. John Adams recommended that everyone read it. So does Richard Maybury.

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Please note the following information about the Government (Nature Of) and Civics Course for High School Students:
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