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Economics: A Free Market Reader (blemished)

Economics: A Free Market Reader (blemished)

by Jane A Williams
Kathryn Daniels



ISBN-13: 978-0-942617-44-3
ISBN-10: 0-942617-44-4
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Additional information on "Economics: A Free Market Reader (blemished)" by Jane A Williams
Kathryn Daniels

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Minimal wear: bent corners, scuffs, scratches, and/or small ink marks.

A collection of thirteen articles by noted economists selected to enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of the subject of free market economics.

Thought and comprehension questions/answers (original to the book) are also provided for each article.

Articles were selected to accompany Richard J. Maybury’s book Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? and its corresponding Bluestocking Guide: Economics.

5-1/2” x 8-1/2” quality paperback, 128 pages. Ages 12+ Highly recommended for economics courses.

(Note: These selected articles originally appeared in The Foundation for Economic Education’s monthly study journal, The Freeman, and were subsequently reprinted in Free Market Economics: A Reader.)

1. Publisher's Note
2. How to Use This Book
3. A King of Long Ago
4. Not Yours to Give
5. How Much Money?
6. Eternal Love
7. Back to Gold?
8. Not Worth a Continental
9. The Gold Problem
10. Jobs for All
11. Competition, Monopoly, the Role of Government
12. The Broken Window
13. Food from Thought
14. Million Dollar Dream
15. The Candlemakers' Petition
Answers to Thought Questions

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