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About Bluestocking Press

Bluestocking Press, founded in 1988, was named after Mrs. Elizabeth Montagu’s Bluestocking Society. Around 1750, Mrs. Montagu began to hold meetings in an effort to encourage women to engage in literary discussion and conversation as a replacement for societal conversation and activities. Mrs. Montagu’s society wore blue stockings as a means of identifying members.

The goal of Bluestocking Press is to publish books for students in subject areas that are generally considered beyond them or better left to experts, that will encourage intelligent discussion and reasoned conversation, and that equips students with knowledge that will help each of them navigate their personal, career, and financial life more securely and successfully. Bluestocking Press’ founder, Jane Williams, believes younger students are very capable of acquiring knowledge in the areas of business, economics, finance, and history sooner than conventionally thought—if these subjects are explained clearly. Since 1988, books published by Bluestocking Press have been read by students as young as ten years of age and have been purchased for courses taught in homeschool, public and private schools (both middle school and high school), and colleges. Bluestocking’s adult customers include parents, grandparents, businesspersons, investors, and others interested in expanding their knowledge of business, economics, finance, and history. Bluestocking’s most frequent adult customer comment is: “Where were these books when I was in school? This is the information that is important!”

Regardless of your age, we invite you to become acquainted with our titles and to read some of the comments from our diverse group of customers. If you have any questions about our product line, please contact us. We strive to provide personalized service.

Through the years, our enthusiastic readers have gifted Bluestocking Press books to their friends, family, and colleagues. If you have a similar interest, please contact our Special Sales Department for information about purchasing books at a discount for the purpose of distributing them as gifts.

Before you begin to shop, we invite you to create a bookmark for faster access in the future. And if you enjoy this site, please tell your friends about Bluestockingpress.com.

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