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Thank you for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page! We have organized this page into two sections:

1) Bluestocking Press Questions (focuses on non-product related questions)
2) Product Questions (focuses on questions about our books).

Our Frequently Asked Questions page is always growing as we do our best to answer questions that we commonly receive. However, if you don't find the answer you're looking for here, please contact us and we'll try to respond as promptly as possible.

Bluestocking Press Questions

Does Bluestocking Press have a print catalog?
We no longer produce a print catalog. However, you may send us an email in order to receive email notices of new products, discounts, specials, and other information.

Does Bluestocking Press have a physical storefront?
No, Bluestocking Press is a mail-order company.

How can I find a store near me that distributes Bluestocking Press titles?
Many stores and catalog companies purchase our products through distributors, so we don’t always know who is distributing our titles. However, one source that might help is an online store locator made available by one or our distributors. You might try visiting www.homeschoolheadquarters.com and select your state to find a store that might sell Bluestocking Press titles. If you need further assistance, please phone us during our phone hours and we can check our database for stores in your area that have purchased directly from us.

Will you sell my contact information?

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes! Click here for more information.

Do you offer discounts if I purchase multiple books?
Yes! Please contact our special sales department. Specify how books are to be distributed: for classrooms, or as gifts, premiums, or to be resold. Click here for more information.

Do you offer specials on books?
From time-to-time Bluestocking Press will send out special offers to customers on our email list. Sometimes these specials will offer free gifts, or discounts, or alert our customers to blemished copies that we have available at discount. We also encourage you to check our website frequently to discover what blemished titles we have available at discount because these titles change frequently.

Do you back order?
Since we are the publisher of the books that we sell, we seldom have a need to back order.

Can I return my order?
For return information, see our Returns policy.

Do you ship internationally?
For international orders, please go to our How to Order page and scroll down to Orders Shipping to an International Address.

How do I go about placing an order?
There are various ways you can place your order. Please read the information on the How to Order page.

What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Can I write a review?
Bluestocking Press invites readers to submit product reviews, which you can email, mail, or fax to us. For address and numbers, see the Contact Us page. Because of space limitations we are not able to post every review on our website, but we do try to select reviews that benefit other customers and help them decide which books might best serve their needs. And we are always appreciative of feedback!

Are you currently accepting manuscript submissions?
Bluestocking Press does not accept unsolicited manuscripts or query letters at this time.

How do I contact one of your authors?
Bluestocking Press will happily forward letters you may wish to send to our authors. Please send your letter to the attention of the author in care of Bluestocking Press at the following address:

Author’s Name
c/o Bluestocking Press
PO Box 1134
Eagle, ID 83616-1134

To keep your correspondence private, please do not email or fax letters intended for authors. We do not forward faxes or emails. We only forward correspondence received via USPS.

Product Questions

Are the Uncle Eric books offered in other languages?
Not at this time. We have received offers over the years for translation rights. However, the reasons are several as to why the author and publisher have not acted on these offers. For example:

1. Great care was taken by Mr. Maybury in writing the Uncle Eric books to make them quick, easy to read, and clearly understandable, while at the same time dealing with complicated topics.

2. Mr. Maybury's vocabulary choices and Mr. Maybury's definitions of the vocabulary words chosen are essential to the reader's understanding of the Uncle Eric books.

With a foreign translation, we have no way to ensure that Mr. Maybury's careful selection of vocabulary and his carefully thought-out definitions would be translated exactly as Mr. Maybury intends. For example, consider the color blue. Varieties of color may differ in hue, brightness, shades, tints, etc., resulting in dark blue, light blue, baby blue, powder blue, navy blue (to name only a few).

Only in English can a reader be certain that if Mr. Maybury chose a word and subsequently defined that word, or explained a concept, it is precisely as Mr. Maybury intended, so that he and his readers can build from that understanding as they work through the Uncle Eric series.

What ages are your books designed for?
Bluestocking Press strives to publish books that will benefit most ages. You might be too young for our books, but you’ll never be too old for our books. Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? has been read by children as young as 10 years as well as businesspersons, parents, college students and teachers. Douglas Casey, author of Investing in Crisis, recommended Capitalism for Kids for kids and adults. One of the most common comments we hear from our adult readers is “Where were these books when I was in school? This is the information that’s truly important!”

Our titles are designed to take what are often considered complex concepts and break them down into bite-size nuggets of easily digestible information, a format that has proven successful for students and adults of all ages.

To help with planning, we do include a recommended minimum age level in our product descriptions. We do encourage, however, that students who read the books at the youngest recommended age revisit the books when they are older as they will bring a higher level of understanding and comprehension to their study.

Remember, there is no age cap to these books. If you don’t remember it, never understood it, or never learned it, then you are never too old.

How long will it take to complete one of your courses?
Please click here for our answer.

How many units is one of your courses?
Please click here for our answer.

What is the suggested order of reading for your books?
For our suggested order of reading, please click here.

What subjects will your books fulfill?
Most of our titles list the subjects they most easily satisfy. Check each product's information page – the course information is typically listed below the book’s description and above the chapter names and reviews. Here is an example from The Money Mystery:
Can be used for courses in Economics, Business, Finance, Government and History.

Which books have corresponding study guides?
Bluestocking Guides are available for 10 of the 11 Uncle Eric books. Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This? does not have a study guide as it is already it's own study.
The Bluestocking Guide: The Thousand Year War in the Mideast is available as a PDF download.

Economics: A Free Market Reader includes thought and comprehension questions/answers for each article.

Common Sense Business for Kids and Capitalism for Kids do not have study guides.

How do I use the Bluestocking Guides for the Uncle Eric books?
Each Bluestocking Guide corresponds directly to an Uncle Eric book. However, when reading Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?, keep in mind that you would actually start reading A Bluestocking Guide: Economics first. (This is not the case with the other study guides.) It will tell you when to begin reading Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?

I need to order the study guide for a book I already have. How do I know if the editions will match up?
For a list of which books match which study guides, please read our Edition Information.

I need to order the book for a study guide I already have. How do I know if the editions will match up?
For a list of which study guides match which books, please read our Edition Information.

I see that you have new editions of books I already own – would it benefit me to read the newest edition of the book?
Many of the Bluestocking Press titles have been revised. Some of these revisions are major, and some are minor. For more information please read our Edition Information.

Do you have an errata page?
Yes. Please click here.

Are any of your titles available in e-book formats?
Not at this time. A few of our titles are available as PDF downloads, but our books are not yet formatted for e-books.


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