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Laura Ingalls Wilder & Rose Wilder Lane Historical Timetable

Laura Ingalls Wilder & Rose Wilder Lane Historical Timetable, 2nd edition

by Jane A. Williams



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Additional information on "Laura Ingalls Wilder & Rose Wilder Lane Historical Timetable, 2nd edition" by Jane A. Williams

Lists important dates from Laura's life, Laura's books, and the life of her daughter Rose. Also lists dates relative to other important events in American History - both economic and historical.

Sample listings:
Timetable begins at 1776 - the Declaration of Independence
Pa Ingalls' mother was born in 1810
Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died in 1826
Pa Ingalls was born in 1836
Laura died in 1957, the year Sputnik orbited earth
Laura's daughter, Rose, was a war correspondent in Vietnam

Cover page displays historical photos of Laura and Rose.

When this title was available in a hard copy format, it was on sale at five of the Laura Ingalls Wilder museums.

Four pages

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