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Uncle Eric

Uncle Eric "Foundation" Course

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The "Uncle Eric 'Foundation' Course" curriculum package provides an excellent foundation for understanding and applying Uncle Eric's Model of How the World Works, which is a two-part model that is comprised of both economics and law. These books have been used by students ages 10 and up, but are best suited for most students ages 12-14 and up.

The "Uncle Eric 'Foundation' Course" package includes one each of the following titles:
($91.70 if purchased separately)

Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career and Financial Security
Bluestocking Guide: Building a Personal Model for Success
These two titles are presented in two parts. For this curriculum package, Part One is of primary importance since it explains the importance of models in helping students to understand their world, as well as avoid costly mistakes (both personally and financially) in addition to the importance of models for achieving success and security in careers, business, and investments.

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?
Bluestocking Guide: Economics
These two titles explain the economic model that Mr. Maybury has found most reliable for achieving personal, career, and financial security and success.

Whatever Happened to Justice?
Bluestocking Guide: Justice
These two titles explain the legal model that Mr. Maybury has found most reliable for acheiving personal, career, and financial security and success.

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